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Right now, I am in the Maldives, a country that is 100% Muslim.

And here, just like back home for me, Ramadan is huge!!

So huge that no restaurants are open during the day and everyone I met was fasting!

To be clear, currently I’m not fasting as I’m not religious. However, I have great appreciation for what hundreds of millions of people are doing starting from yesterday and going on for the whole month!

Their desire to be better during this month (and rest of the year) in addition to fasting for a whole day is amazing.

I am betting that if you ever want to join someone as they break their fast, they would not say no. In fact, I’m willing to put money on it! It really is a special time.

Join me on Nas Daily Global for more! I’m trying to build a community there in addition to this page!

Special thanks to Milaidhoo Island Resort for hosting us and letting me film here.


Artikel ini telah dibaca 1038 kali. Terima kasih.

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